Title: Kind Hearted  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 24″ Price: 40,000/- INR

Title: Kind Hearted   Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 24″ Price: 40,000/- INR

Asmita Shah

Asmita Shah is a professional Indian Contemporary artist from Pune, Maharashtra; India. Born and brought up in Baramati, she was engaged in the arts from her childhood days. Her hobby then, turned into her passion with the support of her parents who are also artists.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, this quote has been the central theme for me in all of my paintings. During my initial days, I would be mesmerized by the bright and cheerful colored robes worn by the African-Tribes (The Maasai tribe and The Zulu tribe).  This is when I began researching more about tribes, cultures, their significance and what roles they play in today’s world.

After a spending a satisfactory amount of time on various tribes, I shifted my focus to India. India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions that go far back into time. As an artist, my current art practice is based on the nude sculptures from the temples of ‘Khajuraho’. The numerous stone carvings and statues that have been carefully carved, gives us an idea of how divine beauty was perceived in the past.

My pieces are created in a 2D and 3D format, each piece is a representation of the beauty of color. From the bright green, orange, red and blue to even an antique and aged finish, each shade is enchanting in its own righteous way.

When I look back, I notice that every culture has their own representation of beauty, however; in today’s day and age nudity is considered a taboo or something that is unclean. We need to look at celebrating natural beauty in its purest form and appreciate it, rather than degrading it. This is crucial to the future generation so that they may also carry it forward in the right manner.

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