Title: A View  Medium: Picnic Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18″ x 24″ Price: 28,000/- INR

Title: A View  Medium: Picnic Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18″ x 24″ Price: 28,000/- INR

Pratik Koundinye

Born on 1st Nov. 1990, Indore; a city with a rich cultural heritage and currently one of the fastest developing cities of central India. Pratik Koundinye is an artist who completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting- (B. F.A) from the Government Institute of Fine Arts – (Indore, India). At the same time, he learned French from Alliance Française de’ Indore, post his graduation he taught French for a year at ‘The Emerald Heights International School, Indore’. On realizing that he wanted to dedicate his time to practicing his art, Pratik resigned from his teaching post and completed his Masters of fine Arts Painting- (M. F.A – Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore). He is currently working as guest faculty – teaching painting at the International Fine Arts Academy (IFAA), a private college in Indore.

Over the course of his education in Fine Arts, he would spend most of his time sketching at crowded markets, gardens and public spaces, this phase was instrumental for him as an artist, one where he began understanding and capturing various emotions of people and incorporating the same into his paintings.

Pratik Koundinye is an experimental painter who believes that people in today’s day and age have reached a point of saturation. A point where even happiness is fleeting because of the rigid constructs we live in, however; one chooses to momentarily bask in a superficial state of happiness as it grants temporary satisfaction, until it is fully experienced later on at any given point of time mindfully and in a wholistic manner.

His creations are an amalgamation of emotions that are portrayed figuratively in his paintings. As they reflect the feelings and thoughts of an individual as a collaboration of various expressions he has seen through his journey as an artist. The underlying theme that runs through his work is that every individual, including himself; has their own archetypal character that wanders freely in one’s imagination and aspires for the horizon despite the negativity of emotions that one experiences. Thus, his canvas aesthetically elucidates the rigmarole of everyday living.

He is currently focusing on creating a wider range of paintings that touch upon various topics of his expertise and shall soon bring them out. He has been awarded second prize in National Exhibition of Pondicherry Art Academy. His work collection includes places like France, UAE and India.

During such difficult and challenging times, this campaign has given me the opportunity to support a cancer fighter and I’m glad my Artwork has created a positive impact.


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