Title: Erawat  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 36″ x 48″ Price: 54,000/- INR

Title: Erawat   Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 36″ x 48″ Price: 54,000/- INR

Rohit Joshi

I was born in a Brahmin family on 26 May 1990 in Sarangpur, a small village in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The religious stories I heard during my childhood days and the religious atmosphere of the house had a deep impact on my life. 

During festival seasons at home, my grandmother (Dadi), would spend time creating Folk paintings which became the main source of inspiration for me to create art. According to me there is no artist by birth, every person is endowed with different talents and skills. My inspiration comes from my very own home, one that is filled with rich culture and family activities. 

Little did I know that these stories would bring me to where I am today. My paintings are based on Indian mythology, where I depict characters like Krishna, Eravat (Airavata), Vishnu (MatsyaAvatar) etc. Animals and nature create a vast portion in Indian Mythology, each God/Goddess have their own avatars that either accompanies them or is a part of them. I try to portray these stories and characters from a more modern-aesthetic point of view, approaching it in a simple yet predictable manner.

I am grateful to have been selected by HCG Foundation for this campaign initiative to support a cancer patient. My best wishes and I hope Prajwal gets well soon.

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