Title: Letting Go  Medium: Linocut

Size: 14″ x 24″ Price: 25,000/- INR

Title: Letting Go   Medium: Linocut

Size: 14″ x 24″ Price: 25,000/- INR

Shah Sabreen

Artist Shah Sabreen (Born in Kashmir – October 28th – 1992) is famous for her meticulous, yet imaginative visions – a professional artist who specializes in graphics(printmaking) and painting. I find inspirations from my roots, mainly from my birthplace Kashmir. My art practice revolves around using techniques such as – printmaking, etching, wood-block printing, lithography, screen-printing and painting.

My journey as an artist explores the relationship between “My life and Me”. Our environment, has so much to offer to us, only when we start appreciating this reality, does one automatically begin recognizing the potential to create a more wholistic life. As individuals we all strive towards writing a new story in our books each day. To me this process, of trusting my environment and ultimately in my own life, has been the core of all of my creations.

When one nurtures their own being, it creates a positive impact in their surrounding atmosphere and it becomes a beacon of hope. I believe that over the years of my practice, I have found my place of solace. My artwork is a message for others to also find their own place of happiness.

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