Title: Silence and Solitude.  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 20″ Price: 45,000/- INR

Title: Silence and Solitude Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 20″ Price: 45,000/- INR

Shan Re

Shan Re, is one of the most versatile artists in the country. She is a dynamic and prolific artist who is actively involved in many fundraising art shows and auctions. The intensity and frequency of her creative output is enormous.

Intuitively moving between mediums, she has continuously explored, experimented and evolved as an artist whose work spans over a wide array of subjects and genres. Shan Re’s art practice involves various disciplines from drawing, painting, poetry, sculpture and installations. She has taken part in several group and solo shows in India and abroad. Her works are in prominent public and private collections.

Shan Re, currently lives and works in Bangalore. I am fortunate to be an artist and my creativity has been a driving a force to rebuild myself and go beyond my resilience to achieve emotional agility. My professional journey started after my near-death experience. My paintings are a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and emotions, recollected in tranquility. So far, my journey has been filled with tremendous peaks, and valleys. In the heights and depths of challenges I’ve faced, I kept going ahead like a fearless warrior. I strongly believe that blooming in adversity with resilience helped me discover my true potential as an artist.

Creating art is truly a form of deep meditation. It is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover the boundless energy within the universe. This allows me to expand my boundaries and explore the horizons to understanding ‘Life’, from the best point of view. My art is a manifestation of my life force, that is an interpretation of hope and positivity.

It is a fulfilling experience to be part of this show. I feel more then blessed when I’m able to give than to receive. I support many NGO’s and have a deep understanding and sympathy towards the sick, the children, the elderly, the physically-challenged and under privileged. If the cause is good, I am always there to support it. It gives me true satisfaction, as an artist this is my small part in helping someone.

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