Title: ROYGIVB – 1  Medium: Acrylic On Paper board

Size: 72″ x 30″ Price: 1,30,000/- INR

Title: ROYGIVB – 1   Medium: Acrylic On Paper board

Size: 72″ x 30″ Price: 1,30,000/- INR

Solomon R

My journey as an artist began in my early years, as I dwelled in the beauty of my surroundings and kept translating them into artworks as I matured through adolescence, henceforth; art became a solid foundation for me. I pursued my UG and PG in Fine Arts – (Painting) – from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai in 2002-2009. My area of work spreads across a wide palette that includes – Drawing, Painting, Murals, Stained glass and Digital designing. I have participated in many group shows and solo shows across India and have created many pieces based on commissions from companies and individuals. As an Artist my efforts have been recognized, for which I have won; National and State Awards. My paintings are embellishing many walls everywhere in India and other countries. I am currently teaching at McGans – Ooty School of Architecture as the Asst.Professor.

Travel is an integral part of me which is the source for holistic inspiration and learning. I firmly believe that each place I’ve travelled to has offered me gifts in the means of refreshing colors and experiences. From the gentle winds that uplift the soul, to the mighty mountains that have seen the land change over time, to the flowing rivers that nourish the forests that are filled with musical symphonies and to the skies that are constantly changing with a spectacular display of colors.

Every place I’ve set my feet on has grounded me, ultimately surrendering myself and becoming one with the land, this is the core of my creations. I wish to give you a visual journey and that allows you to travel freely in body, heart, mind and spirit.

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