Tinku Das


An artist par excellence with a vision to synthesize painting, music and literature, Tinku Das, born and brought up in the cultural hub of Kolkata, has delved in the field of the visual arts for the past 30 years and has shown people around the world that he can ‘see music and hear his paintings’. Having held numerable exhibitions world over from the United States, to the various countries of Europe, erstwhile USSR and South East Asia;

Tinku Das has shown that his imagination cannot be restricted to the four edges of the canvas frame. His skill has been recognized by art collectors, commercial organizations and arts’ institutes & studios which have not only shared patronage and indebt awe for his work, but have also invited him for series of biennials, symposiums and artists’ workshops.

His conceptualized albums, published by Times Music; ‘Antarnaad’ and ‘Samarpan’ are the fruits of his efforts to bring together the quotes of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, songs by Sangeet Martang Pandit Jasraj and his paintings is a testament of his creativity.

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